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‘ONA for Leica’ system bags

Handcrafted camera bags in timeless design

ONA, a young, aspiring manufacturer from New York City, produces high-quality bags designed for and inspired by photographers. The premium quality manufacturer has now launched an exclusive collection of bags designed and hand crafted especially for Leica. The bags created by ONA are distinguished by their style, practicality, perfect size and meticulous attention to detail. Each model is lovingly crafted by hand from materials of the highest quality. Timelessly beautiful and robust bags that provide excellent protection for valuable photographic equipment and reflect the photographer’s inimitable personal style.

The Berlin II: the M-System bag

ONA created this leather bag especially for the Leica M-System to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the 35 mm camera. It provides flexible configurable storage space and is available in ‘Black‘ and ‘Vintage Bourbon’.

The Brixton: spacious and smart

The numerous compartments and adaptable storage space of ‘The Brixton’ provide generous capacity for photographic equipment and other items. The bag is available in five different versions: two in premium leather and three in hardwearing, water-repellent canvas.

The Bowery: the all-rounder

Its cleverly designed features, versatile storage options, compact size, and minimalist design make this a stylishly modern, universal camera bag. Three of the five models in this series are made from robust, hardwearing canvas and the other two are crafted from finest quality leather.

The Prince Street: the trendsetter

The Prince Street combines the styling of a casual shoulder bag with the practical benefits of a conventional camera bag. Two models in this range are available in leather and a further three in canvas.

The Camps Bay: the backpacker

This stylish rucksack in canvas and leather is a convenient and comfortable carrying solution for photographic equipment. The back and straps of this camera rucksack are padded for extra comfort. Furthermore, the ample storage space inside can be adapted to meet every photographer’s needs.

The Roma: the organiser

This practical organiser insert with five compartments transforms almost any bag into a camera bag. Made from water-repellent canvas with leather grips for easier handling, it provides exceptional protection for valuable photographic equipment.

製品名 コード
THE BERLIN II, leather, vintage bourbon 14916
THE BERLIN II, leather, black 14917
THE BRIXTON, leather, truffle 14912
THE BRIXTON, leather, antique cognac 14911
THE BRIXTON, canvas, black 14913
THE BRIXTON, canvas, field tan 14914
THE BRIXTON, canvas, smoke 14915
THE BOWERY, leather, antique cognac 14901
THE BOWERY, leather, truffle 14902
THE BOWERY, canvas, black 14903
THE BOWERY, canvas, field tan 14904
THE BOWERY, canvas, smoke 14905
THE PRINCE STREET, leather, antique cognac 14906
THE PRINCE STREET, leather, truffle 14907
THE PRINCE STREET, canvas, black 14908
THE PRINCE STREET, canvas, field tan 14908
THE PRINCE STREET, canvas, smoke 14910
THE CAMPS BAY, rucksack, smoke 14918
THE ROMA, organizer, black 14919
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システムケースセット Oberwerth for Leica


「Oberwerth for Leica」は、ディテールの洗練度が高いスタイリッシュなシステムケースセットです。Oberwerthは、品質の高さで定評があるミュンヘンのレザーグッズメーカーです。ライカのために特別に製作されたこのシステムケースセットは、すべてがハンドメイドのドイツ製で、ライカM、ライカT、ライカX、ライカQの各カメラを収納できます。上質な牛革や耐摩耗性に優れたコーデュラ®などの高品質な素材を用いて丁寧に仕上げ、優れたデザインを実現。非常に軽く快適に持ち運びができるだけでなく、大切な撮影機材をしっかりと保護します。内部には、3つのコンパートメントで構成された取り外し可能なインナーケースがあり、パッド入りのパーテーションでスペースを自由に調整できます。容量も大きく、カメラ本体、レンズ、フラッシュユニットを一度に収納できます。バッテリーや電子ビューファインダー(EVF2やビゾフレックス)を収納できるケースや、丈夫なショルダーストラップ、カメラ用のキャリングストラップを付属しています。



システムケース コットン



システムケース Billigham



システムケース ナイロン



システムケース レザー



製品名 コード
System case set, Oberwerth for Leica 14892
System Case Cotton/Linen, grey 18844
Leica System case "Billingham", black 14854
Leica System case "Billingham", khaki 14855
System case, size S, nylon, black 18746
System case, size M, nylon, black 18748
System case, size S, leather, stone-grey 18761