What's going on

The Straits Times Big Picture By Leica

2017.09.07 - 2017.09.28
The exhibition showcases a series of unique moments in Singapore in a 24-hour period captured by ST photojournalists.

A Personal Vision: Space, Lights, Colours And People

2017.08.18 - 2017.09.06
Bugani has created a colourful series of complex pictures with a strong alternation and interaction of bright light and deep shadows.

Memories of Istanbul

2017.06.23 - 2017.07.31
A rare opportunity to glimpse renown photographer Ara Güler's famed works.

Odyssey: Picturing and Imagining the Okavango Delta

2017.01.13 - 2017.02.05
Discover the breathtaking photos captured during a two-week expedition in the marshlands and plains of the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

En El Café

2016.12.09 - 2017.01.09
A wonderful discovery and appreciation of café cultures across cities.

Beyond Boundaries

2016.10.27 - 2016.12.05
Beyond Boundaries presents Laxmi Kaul and her journey with the people and nomads of Kashmir, where life is about simplicity, serenity and sincerity.

Visions: A Passage of Cultural Diversity

2016.09.09 - 2016.10.26
Believing that a camera can alter the way we interact with the world, Justin Ong's documentation from the isolated North Korea to the mountains of Indonesia presents a work of rediscovery.


2016.08.13 - 2016.09.07
An exhibit of photographs captured by participants in a recent travel photography workshop to historical Uzbekistan in March 2016.

Rosalynn Tay

2016.05.26 - 2016.06.20
“I hope to be able to make a difference to the world by documenting this aspect of humanity through my photography, one day." says Rosalynn Tay

Left Behind II

2016.03.10 - 2016.03.28
Two years ago, we brought awareness of the harsh realities of children living on the streets to your knowledge.