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Leica Akademie Australia continues Leica's long tradition of photographic education through experiential workshops offered in cities across Australia.  Lead by Principal Instructor Nick Rains, the Akademie's goal is to increase the fun and enjoyment of photography, expand photography knowledge and bring the total Leica experience to a new generation of photographers.  Whether you are an experienced Leica photographer or you are just starting out, there is no better way to learn Leica, than the Leica Akademie. The Akademie offers a wide range of workshops and photographic trips throughout the year.

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Leica Akademie Australia Team - Nick Rains

Nick Rains

With a professional career spanning thirty years Nick has photographed just about every subject under the sun and has seen many changes in the photography industry, from manual focus to auto focus and from film to digital. He has been a Leica S-System Ambassador since 2010 and has been writing and conducting workshops for the past eight years, both in Australia and in Asia. Nick is also highly accomplished printer and embraces all aspects of digital imaging in order to make fine images and prints.

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3 / 876 Lorimer Street Port Melbourne, VIC 3207

TEL: +61 3 9248 4444

Website: http://www.leica-akademie.com.au

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