Leica S (Typ 007)

37.5 Megapixel

With its superior technology and sophisticated ergonomics, the Leica S is up to any photographic challenge - anywhere, whether on location or in the studio.

The outstanding performance of Leica S lenses with focal lengths from 24 to 180 mm - most of which are also available with a central shutter on request - contribute to this.

Leica S CMOS Sensor
Experience perfection in even the tiniest details

The Leica S possesses all the proven qualities of the S-System, in particular the innovative, 30 by 45 mm Leica Max CMOS image sensor in Leica Pro Format. This sensor is more than 50 per cent larger than that of a 35 mm camera.

Leica Pro Format offers perfect balance between image quality and creative options. 


It is large enough to deliver significantly higher imaging quality and shallower depth of focus than 35 mm and is suitable for a broad spectrum of photographic uses that go far beyond conventional medium format photography.

A new dynamic experience

The revised predictive autofocus system of the Leica S thinks one step ahead: it identifies movement in your subject and calculates how far your subject will have moved at the moment of exposure.

Focus corrections are applied in the last fraction of a second. The combination of fascinating picture quality and the high continuous shooting rate open up new horizons for you in the area of dynamic photography.

Maximum compatibility
Gives you unimagined creative freedom

With the appropriate adapters, you also have access to a multitude of 80 third-party lenses. This makes your choice of Leica lenses almost limitless.

Cine 4K
Video imaging quality that you simply won’t find in other cameras

The entire, 45 mm, width of the sensor is used for video recording in full-HD resolution. This, together with the exceptional quality of Leica S-System lenses, lends video recordings a unique look that warms the hearts of cineasts.

Videos produced with the Leica S captivate viewers with the bokeh created by the use of selective sharpness that is so typical in Leica still pictures.

DNG File Format
Standardized and flexible

The Leica S (Typ 007) is conceived for seamless integration in every existing working environment.

The most important prerequisite for this is that image data can be saved as files in the future-proof DNG (Digital Negative) format, the only manufacturer-independent, standardized format that does not rely on specific RAW converters. 


A further advantage in postproduction is that DNG format saves all the steps you make in Adobe® Photoshop® CC, Adobe®Photoshop® Lightroom® CC in your image file. This enables you to delete processing steps at any time and return the image to as-shot status.

In addition to this, DNG supports previews in standard sizes and tiling for faster loading. The Leica S supports the fast UHS II SD memory card standard and, if required, can also deliver high-quality image files in JPEG format.

The Leica S is a professional SLR camera with a GPS module for optional geotagging of images. This allows the registration of shooting location, time and time zone details in the EXIF data of each image file. An invaluable aid when sorting and archiving your images!

Professional Workflow
Tethered shooting and more

Thanks to its USB 3.0 interface, the Leica S (Typ 007) can be connected directly to a computer for fast and stable tethered shooting.

Here, the Leica Image Shuttle software package ensures an efficient and professional photographic workflow in which all relevant image properties such as subject composition, framing, sharpness, and exposure can be viewed and assessed on larger monitor screens. 


As further options, the image can be given a certain look in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC with presets, or can be integrated in an existing layout to check its suitability. Thanks to enhanced tethering technology, the software will not only display the image just taken. All exposures are immediately ready for postproduction. Tethered shooting enables more than efficient control and higher speed in the postproduction process: for example, Leica Image Shuttle 3.6 enables all image-relevant settings and parameters, and even variable positioning of the AF focusing point, to be made directly from the computer keyboard.

Alternatively, tethered shooting workflows can also be realized with other software solutions. A plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop®Lightroom® CC can be downloaded that enables the realization of a tethered shooting workflow with data transfer for direct image assessment and remote camera control. Should you prefer to use Capture One Pro® software for postprocessing, Leica Image Shuttle can be easily integrated into your workflow with the “Hot Folder” function.

As a wireless option, installing the Leica S App on your mobile device offers wireless remote control capability for the camera and for reviewing your images. In Live View, you can remotely control your camera, set the focus and relevant parameters, and activate the shutter release – also when shooting video. The screen of your device serves as an external viewfinder. You can assess, mark, or delete any picture you take directly from your mobile device. Another useful feature is the ability to post and share photos and videos across social media.

Leica Image Shuttle can be downloaded free of charge in the Download Area.

The Leica S app can be downloaded from the App Store

Controls and Handling
Intuitive handling, perfect ergonomics

Less is more. Let your feelings and the intuitive handling concept of the Leica S be your guide. The innovative clickwheel control and the five-way switch guarantee you fast and simple access to the settings you need. The camera’s compact construction, favourable centre of balance and the ergonomically designed handgrip and low overall weight guarantee additional ease when shooting.


Reliability redefined: at the heart of the body of the Leica S is a rigid and extremely resilient, diecast magnesium chassis that is just as tough as its scratch-resistant Corning®Gorilla®Glass monitor screen cover. For the first time, the bayonet has been machined from solid stainless steel to ensure optimum endurance and a long life under even the toughest conditions and with frequent lens changes. All other components of the Leica S are extremely robust and, thanks to the numerous seals, are perfectly protected against environmental influences, such as dust and moisture.

Maestro II Processor
Instantaneous response in every situation

The Maestro II Processor has been specially developed for Leica for use in the Leica S (Typ 007) and is four times faster than its predecessor. All its electronic components are designed for maximum data throughput. The processor provides improved noise suppression and ensures that the camera reacts instantaneously to your commands.

The continuous shooting rate of up to 3.5 frames per second sets a new record in the medium format class. This is all made possible by 7,500 digital/analogue converters in parallel and a 2 GB buffer memory.

ライカS (Typ 007)

コード: 10 804

ダウンロード (pdf/247.48 kB)

型式 レンズ交換式ミドルフォーマットデジタル一眼レフカメラ 
タイプ マイクロレンズ方式ライカCMOSセンサー
サイズ 30 × 45 mm(ライカプロフォーマット)
アスペクト比 2:3
記録画素数  3750万画素
画素ピッチ 6 μm
ダイナミックレンジ  15EV
色深度 14ビット
色空間 sRGB/Adobe RGB/ECI RGB 2.0
ホワイトバランス オート/ 晴天 / 曇天 / 日陰 / 白熱灯 / HMI / 蛍光灯(暖色) / 蛍光灯(寒色系) / フラッシュ / グレーカード(画像に基づいて判断) / グレーカード ライブビュー / 色温度(ケルビン)
ローパスフィルター 非搭載
IRフィルター 撮像素子上
モアレ除去 ワークフローソフトウェア(Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom®)による
ISO オート/ 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 / 6400 / 12500
メタデータ メタデータ著作権情報 
レンズマウント ライカ S バヨネットマウント方式
クロップファクター 35mmフィルム換算でレンズ焦点距離約0.8倍に相当
フォーカスタイプ セントラルクロスセンサー(ユニバーサルスクリーン上に十字線で表示)予測オートフォーカス機能を装備。
AFモード モード選択可能:AFs(シングル、フォーカス優先)、AFc(コンティニュアス、予測フォーカストラッキング)、MF(マニュアルフォーカス)、AF設定からマニュアルへ随時切り替え可能
フォーカスロック(AFメモリー) シャッターレリーズ(半押し)またはジョイスティックにてAFロックおよびAF/MFの切り替え可能
マニュアルフォーカス レンズのフォーカシングリングを使用
露出測光 TTL測光方式
測光方式 マルチ測光(5点) / 中央重点測光 / スポット測光(全画面の3.5%)
AEロック シャッターレリーズボタン(半押し)またはジョイスティックにてAEロックが可能
測光範囲 f2.5、ISO 100相当のとき 
露出モード [P]プログラムAE(プログラムシフト可能)、[T]シャッター速度優先AE、[A]絞り優先AE、[M]マニュアル
露出補正 補正範囲:±3.0EV、補正ステップ:1/2EV
オートブラケット撮影 3カットもしくは5カットの連続撮影設定可能(オート/マニュアル)
± 1/2、1、2、3EVステップ設定モードによる
シャッター フォーカルプレーンシャッター
タイプ  カメラ:マイクロプロセッサ制御、メタル製縦走り式フォーカルプレーンシャッター
ドライブモード 1コマ撮影、連続撮影、インターバル、セルフタイマー:2秒後、または12秒後(ミラーアップ撮影時)
シャッター速度 1/4000秒~60秒(ISO設定による、1/2段ステップ)、タイム露出:最長60秒
連続撮影 約3.5コマ/秒
シャッターレリーズ 電子式シャッターレリーズ(2段階)
セルフタイマー ミラーアップ撮影時の2秒後または12秒後
ミラーアップ 可能
動画撮影 ライカプロフォーマット(ミドルフォーマット)のフルハイビジョン
動画解像度 フルハイビジョン:1920 × 1080  4K:4096 × 2160
フレームレート フルハイビジョン:24、25、30コマ/秒 4K:24コマ/秒
動画フォーマット MOV (Motion JPEG)
カラーサンプリング 4:2:2
露出制御 マニュアル / オート
オーディオ制御 マニュアル / オート
搭載オーディオ装置 内蔵ステレオマイク 48 kHz、16ビット
外部オーディオ端子 オーディオ入力(3.5mmジャック)オーディオ出力(3.5mmジャック)(ライカ S(Typ007)用 オーディオアダプター使用)
タイムコード 内蔵
その他 フォーカスピーキング、外部HDMIレコーダー専用の鮮明な非圧縮8ビット 4:2:2HDMI動画ストリーム
Live View
Frame Rate Up to 60 fps
Focus Control Manual. AF-field can be positioned variable
Exposure Metering Modes Multifield, center weighted, spot (linked with the AF field)
Exposure Simulation Provided
Others Histogram with clipping, focus peaking, horizon, setting information
Type Pentaprism Viewfinder with high eyepoint-eyepiece, illuminated LCD-information
Magnification 0,87 (at 70 mm, infinity, 0 dpt.)
Coverage Approx. 98 %
Diopter Correction -3 to +1 diopter
Focussing Screens Changeable, standard with AF cross and spot field (scope of delivery), grid screen, micro prism screen
Viewfinder Information Horizon, exposure time, exposure metering mode, aperture, flash status, exposure balance, flash synchronization
indicator, focus indicator, exposure metering method, exposure compensation, remaining shots (on storage medium),
buffer, warnings, ISO
Back Panel Display 3" brilliant TFT LCD
Resolution 921,600 pixels
Color Space sRGB, 16 million colors
Frame Coverage 100 %
View Angle 170°
Cover Glass Corning®Gorilla®Glass
Top Display Monochrome LCD
Interface Lemo® Flash-Sync. Hot shoe with middle and control contacts
X-Synchronization FPS 1/125 s
X-Synchronization FPS 1/125 s. X-Synchronization CS Up to 1/1.000 s
High Speed Synchronization HSS function up to 1/4000 s (with supported external flash units)
X-Sync Modes Start/end exposure
Drive Mode Single, Continuous, Interval, Self-timer 2 s with mirror-up function, Self-timer 12 s with mirror-up function
Image Data
Image Data Format DNG lossless compressed, JPEG 37.5 MP, 9.3 MP, 2.3 MP, DNG+JPEG
File Size DNG lossless compressed: approx. 42 MB, JPEG: approx. 1 MB–16 MB (depending on image content and resolution)
Frame Rate Up to 3,5 fps
Buffer DNG lossless compressed up to 15 images, JPEG no limit (depending on memory medium, exposure time and ISO)
Storage SD (SDXC), CF (UDMA7), external (PC)
Play Mode Full image, histogram with clipping, focus peaking, image information
Languages English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese traditional, Chinese simple, Russian, Korean, Portuguese
Firmware Update Update via memory card
GPS Provided
WLAN Camera integrated (camera and image control via smartphone or tablet iOS app)
Date/Time GPS auto time and date or manual
Horizon Sensitivity < 1° (0–40° temperature)
USB Lemo® USB 3.0 SuperSpeed
Audio Audio-Adapter (Audio-in, Audio-out, Time-Code)
X-synchronization Lemo® Flash-Sync
Cable Release Lemo® Cable Release
WiFi Camera integrated
Handgrip For Multifunction Handgrip S
Recommended Software Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® and Leica Image Shuttle
Power Supply
Battery Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 7.3 V, 2300 mAh
AC-Adapter Leica AC-Adapter S for Leica S (Typ 007) (available as accessory)
Charger Leica Quick Charger S. Inputs: 100-240 V AC, 50/60Hz, 12/24 V DC Output: 4.2 V DC, 800 mA.
Leica Professional Charger S
Material Magnesium body anti-slip rubberized, magnesium top plate, aluminum bottom plate, stainless steel bayonet and
operation elements
Environment 0 to +45° C, 15 %–80 % humidity
Dimensions 160 x 80 x 120 mm (6.3 x 3.15 x 4.72 in)
Weight Approx. 1.260 g/40.51 oz (without battery)
Dust/ Spraywater Sealing Provided
Tripod Threat 1/4" and 3/8" with anti-twist locking pins
Scope of Delivery Camera Body, Leica Battery S BP-PRO1, Leica Quick Charger S (including adapter for EU, UK, US, car), Leica Camera Strap S, Leica Eyepiece Cap S, Leica Camera Cap S, Lemo® USB 3.0 cable S, Lemo® Flashsync cable S
Supported Accessories (optional)
Flash Leica SF58, Leica SF58 Diffusor
Others Leica Multifunction Handgrip S, Leica Hand Strap S, Professional Charger S, NEW: Leica AC-Adapter S,
Leica System Case S, Leica HDMI Cable, Leica Grid Screen S, Leica Microprism Screen S, Leica Standard Screen S,
Leica Cable Release S, Leica S-Adapter C/H/V/M645/P67
Service packages Leica Protection Plan Body (optional)
Leica Protection Plan Lens (optional)
Leica Protection Plan Vario Lens (optional)
Leica Protection Plan CS Lens (optional)
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