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Leica Akademie Japan and fine art photographer Mr. Peter Macintosh will present an exclusive two-day workshop in Kyoto, Japan on September 12 and 13, 2019.

This all-inclusive, carefully curated experience offers a unique opportunity for photo enthusiasts to discover a city steeped in history and tradition. Kyoto remains the cultural, artistic and intellectual capital of Japan and has managed to preserve its traditional architecture and beautiful gardens.

DAY 1     11:00 AM ~ 15:00 PM


Upon arrival, you will be greeted by an English-speaking professional photographer/ instructor and assistant local host.

The workshop will start at Leica Store Kyoto, our central meeting point, with an introductory talk by the instructor. It will be followed by a brief photowalk in the vicinity of the store which will offer an opportunity to capture some good street shots in the old Gion district. 

An authentic Japanese lunch will be served at the elegant Toriimoto, a well-known Japanese restaurant in Gion, in the company of maiko or geiko (geisha) models. This will be an excellent opportunity for the workshop participants to take beautiful pictures of Kyoto’s maiko and geiko.

Back at the Leica store, you will have a chance to discuss and analyze your shots and get tips and constructive criticism from the professional photographer.

DAY 2     11:00 ~ 17:00 PM

We start off the day at Leica Store Kyoto with a brief explanation of the camera equipment and some photography tips by the instructor. You will then take off on an exploration of the old capital city of Japan and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Gion and Higashiyama, renowned for their traditional wooden architecture, beautiful old temples and shrines, narrow alleyways and craft shops. Walk the streets of the city and discover the historical district of Higashiyama under the guidance of a professional photographer and experienced guide who will be happy to share his know-how and advice on how to photograph this unique city. Discover and explore the historic Kennin-ji Zen Temple, an Important Cultural Property and the cradle of Japanese Zen Buddhism and Japan’s tea ceremony culture.

We end the first leg of our photowalk through this historic district with a traditional ‘tempura’ lunch.

The afternoon program includes a stroll through Ishibei-Koji Alley, a narrow, atmospheric alleyway in southern Higashiyama famous for its ancient wooden facades. Next stop is the nearby Kodaiji Temple, a Zen temple built in 1606. The streets that connect the sightseeing spots around Kodaiji Temple are known as ‘Nene-no-Michi’ (‘The Path of Nene’). They retain the look of a Kyoto that for the most part no longer exists.

We wrap up our walking tour with brief stops at Chion-in and Shoren-in, two Buddhist temples known for their stunning rock and pond gardens.

DURATION: 2 days

PLACE: Leica Store Kyoto 

PRICE: 70,000 JPY per person 

GROUP SIZE: Min.  4  people | Max. 16 people

An insured Leica camera will be on loan for the duration of the event 
(Leica D-Lux | Leica CL | Leica TL2 | Leica Q | Leica M | Leica SL) 
SD memory card to store your images 


Mr. Peter Macintosh




11:00 Meeting point: Leica Store Kyoto  
Lecture by a professional photographer
12:00 Lunch at Japanese restaurant Toriimoto
13:00 Photo shoots of Maiko or Geiko(Geisha) 
15:00 Group discussion at Leica Store Kyoto 


11:00 Meeting point: Leica Store Kyoto (570-120 Gionmachi Minamigawa Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 6050074 )
Introduction and Presentation of the camera systems
11:15 Photowalk to the Kennin-ji temple 
11:40 Kennin-ji, Daito-in
12:30 Lunch at Tenpura Yasaka Endo
13:45 Photowalk to Ishibei-koji Alley
14:00 Kodaiji- Temple
15:30 Chion-in Temple
16:00 Shoren-in Temple
17:00 End of the event

Price does not include:
Transport to and from the workshop start/end points


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Kyoto Beautiful Photography Tours

2019.09.12 - 2019.09.13
Leica Store Kyoto