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6月 2014

Leica Camera is a partner of the Gaisberg Race - Two sides of the fine arts of engineering

A city Grand Prix, a presentation of historic cars on the Residenzplatz, and performance trials on the Gaisberg, Salzburg's home mountain. From 29 to 31 May, the traditional Gaisberg Classic Car Ra...

5月 2014

Auction of the Century

“Auction of the Century” - WestLicht auction at the opening of the new Leitz Park in Wetzlar

A new biography of Ernst Leitz

A new biography of Ernst Leitz‘My decision is final: we will take the risk!’ ... and the Leica revolutionised photography

Valbray and Leica present unique chronographs

The ‘100 Years of Leica Photography’ editionValbray and Leica present unique chronographs

Leitz-Park special editions

Leica Camera celebrates the official opening of the Leitz-Park with attractive special editions. 

The photographic exhibition "36 aus 100"

In its centennial year, Leica Camera shows an exclusive selection of iconic Leica photographs.

4月 2014


ライカカメラジャパンは、2014年5月26日より、“Made In Germany“のクラフトマンシップが実現する画期的な新システム「ライカTシステム」を発売いたします。発売に先駆けて、4月28日(月)より下記のライカストア・ライカブティックにて、「ライカT」を展示いたします。



St. Moritz Art Masters 2012

2014.04.09 - 2014.05.01
Leica Camera is official partner. The St. Moritz Art Masters is a unique and exclusive festival of the arts and culture...

3月 2014

The Leica Hunting Blog

Leica Camera AG launches the Leica Hunting Blog, which can be viewed at blog.leica-hunting.com. This is Leica's first blog platform devoted to hunting. Readers will be treated to compelling stories...
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