Leica Camera is a partner of the Gaisberg Race - Two sides of the fine arts of engineering

A city Grand Prix, a presentation of historic cars on the Residenzplatz, and performance trials on the Gaisberg, Salzburg's home mountain. From 29 to 31 May, the traditional Gaisberg Classic Car Race transformed Mozart’s birthplace into a centre for the fans of vintage and veteran cars for the twelfth time.

More than 155 entrants from 14 countries took part in the event with their classic automobiles – with a total of 46 different marques.

Numerous spectators on Salzburg’s famous Residenzplatz enjoyed the opportunity to discover the extraordinary feats of engineering that went into the construction of these classic cars. A series of performance trials on the Gaisberg demanded utmost skill and ability on the part of the drivers and their co-drivers.

This year, too, Leica Camera took pride in being a partner of the Gaisberg Classic Car Race event and presented participants and spectators examples of the fine art of engineering ‘Made in Germany’ – from the new Leica T and the Leica M to the X-System and Leica Sport Optics products.

Once again, clear proof that the fine arts of engineering can be shared in different ways!