Artisan & Artist Edition for Leica

The Leica Edition compact system bag is ideal for short trips and city tours on which camera equipment has to be stowed safely and space is an impor tant consideration. Resilient and hard wearing nylon makes this bag weatherproof, too. Clean lines, exquisite leather, hand-stitched seams, and contrasting elements in red define its classically elegant design. The bag is equally well designed on the inside: its flexibly adaptable soft insert offers protection for your Camera with a lens attached and one alt ernative lens. When the insert is removed, the camera system bag becomes a discreetly elegant shoulder bag for everyday use. The sewn-in inner pocket offers space for films, memory cards, and a spare battery.

A wrist strap and a carrying strap plaited from green and brown silk are available seperately as optional camera accessories. Thanks to an elaborate plaiting process the silk becomes unusually strong and resilient, and tear-resistant in even the most adverse situations. As it adapts to the temperature of the skin, it remains comfortably breathable and gentle
to the skin in all weather. Protective tabs on the hand-sewn leather end pieces protect the camera body and prevent scratching.