The ‘Kindersommer’ is a joint children’s holiday project supported by local companies in Wetzlar, Germany and its surroundings. During holiday time in Germany, the children involved enjoyed a diverse programme arranged by the partnering companies. From scientific experiments to sporting activities, the participating children took part in exciting activities, supervised by qualified staff members.

For a full four days in August, Leica headquarters and the World of Leica were filled with colourful activities, fun and laughing children.

Leica Akademie - 1 Leica Akademie - 2 Leica Akademie - 3

On August 3rd and 8th, the children were able to visit the Leica Akademie in Wetzlar, try out Leica products and take photographs around the Leica area. During this time, they learned the basics of photography from Leica Akademie tutor, Sigfried Brück. After this, the results of their shoots were printed and composed to a fascinating collage. The children were then given the creative task of adding various artistic elements to their images.

Optikfertigung - 1 Optikfertigung - 2

On August17th and 24th the children spent the day with Lars Becker, Leica’s optics production department manager. This began with an exciting and amusing tour through the company, finally meeting on the roof of the Leica building with its stunning view across Wetzlar and the surrounding area. With instruction from the Leica optics production team, the children carried out some fascinating optical experiments, learning about subjects like refraction, light diffraction and colour dispersion. They also build a pinhole camera, and competed in a contest to direct a laser beam as quickly as possible over adjustable deflection mirrors to hit a special target. Throughout the day, cheerful exuberance prevailed and the Leica Akademie and optical production teams successfully built a bridge between playful learning, creative tasks and fun.