Leica 6×7 Gallery Warsaw that time will display Robby Cyron’s photography project entitled “Figura animalis” that shows horse’s and chicken’s portraits captured on the abstract black background. Cyron expose animal nature having an optics and sophistication just like Duch painters.
Opening night: February, 10th (Friday), 7PM.

Cyron’s new passion started with an ornamental chicken from Leon Tarasewicz’s bird’s collection. A well-known painter lent one of species for a photo session organized by a fashion magazine. This tiny cock was just one though many elements of the set, but caught the photographer’s eye. At the moment when the studio lamps light reached bird’s plumage and its feathering had blazed of vivid, colorful brilliance, Robby Cyron realized that he had just found a new object of his photographic fascination.

An exhibition title Figura Animalis has an ambiguity hidden in a double meaning of a Latin word animalis that could be translated as a word “animal”, but above all it refers to the vitality and life. Moreover a noun anima can also be associated with the vital soul. This ambiguity is also captured through Cyron’s perspective on birds and mammals. Artist seeks new canons of beauty in the animal world.

In his work, Robby often examines various faces of nature, whether on the occasion of the black-and-white photography of women in the project entitled “Bella”, or through the attempt to subjugate wildlife, as in the case of both “Gallus” and “The Family” projects. Exhibition Figura Animaliscombines the last two series: ornamental chickens (“Gallus”) and Arabian horses – “The Family”.

“The Family” represents a poetic approach at animals that embody both strong nature and grace. Horses seen by Robby are monumental as a statues but their gaze seems often truly melancholic. “Gallus” means rooster, but it sounds more sophisticated, and so are the chickens as seen through Cyron’s lens. Birds covered with feathers in vivid colors are almost “posing” for photos. Are they still animals or tiny pieces of art?

Cyron’s animalistic models embody the whole scale of emotions: sadness, melancholy and even comic quality. Birds and horses “pose” without make-up and they are not dressed up, which gives Cyron (that also specializes at professional commercial photography working with models, actors and celebrities for a various magazines) a new space for artistic action. “In my creative work, I always try to capture various sorts of beauty phenomenon” says the artist. Animalis series is also a field of research for a new aesthetics. This project would not be possible without the photographer’s skills. Thanks to precise light usage and professional studio work Cyron’s photographs look like Dutch paintings with a touch of a hyperrealism.

Robby Cyron, “Figura animalis”
Opening night 09.02.2018 (Friday), 7 PM
Exhibition: 10.02 – 18.03.2018
Leica 6x7 Gallery Warsaw


2018.01.09 - 2018.03.18

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